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Trees are the cornerstone of your yard but require specialized care and services to maintain. With our comprehensive tree services, we can help you keep your West Chester trees healthy, cared for, and looking their best.

With decades of specialized experience in West Chester and surrounding areas, our skilled team members are proficient in all aspects of tree care. Choosing professional tree services in West Chester, Pennsylvania, is an investment in the longevity of your property.

Whether you need lot clearing or tree pruning, we are here to help with our comprehensive service and landscape expertise.

Comprehensive Tree Services

Our range of tree services extends from regular maintenance to safe and efficient tree removals. Some of our tree services include:

Tree Removal

Whether it is a big tree or smaller-sized shrubs, our team is here to offer professional tree removal services. We will show up and assess the tree’s health and consider factors such as its age, stability, and potential hazards it might pose to the property.

Then, we will set up to prepare for the tree removal. This includes ensuring appropriate safety measures and equipment are in place, and depending on the tree’s size may involve setting up ropes, ladders, or crane work.

We have a deep understanding of the best methods and strategies to remove a tree from your yard, and always leave the property clean and clear of leftover tree debris.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

When it comes to tree trimming and pruning, it is important to get it right. Otherwise, you can harm the tree’s health, stunt its growth, make it vulnerable to diseases, and even ruin its appearance.

From the first consultation to the finishing touches, we provide a specialized approach to each tree and each space, ensuring everything is handled with care. At KJM Landscapes, our experts are professionally trained on proper trimming and pruning techniques and can help you maintain its health, spur growth, and shape your trees to align with your outdoor design goals perfectly.


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Stump Grinding

Do not let an ignored stump ruin your beautiful landscape or become a breeding ground for pests and fungi. Our stump grinding services in West Chester, PA provide a fast and seamless solution to this problem.

We use professional-grade grinding machines to reduce stumps, grinding them below the ground surface and taking care not to damage your landscape or underground utilities. Once we are done, we fill up the hole and level the area to match the surrounding landscape, leaving your property safe and available for your next project.

Emergency Tree Service

Even the sturdiest of trees can unexpectedly turn into safety hazards due to storms, illness, or decay. In these distressing moments, KJM Landscapes offers fast emergency tree services for residents in West Chester, PA, and surrounding areas.

Our team is here to assess the situation, plan for removal, and quickly address your tree-related emergencies. We are always safe, work to mitigate risks and avoid property damage. With decades of local experience, we can help you clean up any downed or damaged trees from your front yard and property.

Choose KJM Landscapes for Exceptional Tree Service in West Chester Area and Beyond

As a full-service landscaping company in West Chester, PA, we offer a wide range of services to keep your property looking its best. From tree trimming to flower beds, our team does a fantastic job with it all.

Hire a team of tree professionals who can safely keep your trees and shrubs healthy and appealing. Reach out and get your free estimate today to see how we can provide quality service for your tree service needs.

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FAQs about Tree Services

How can I determine if my tree needs professional service?

Trees exhibit tell-tale signs when they require care, such as decaying branches, fungal growth, cracks, and unusual leaning. KJM Landscapes offers comprehensive tree assessments to help you determine the best course of action for your tree’s health, safety, and overall appearance.

When is the best time for tree pruning or trimming?

While we conduct tree pruning and trimming throughout the year, the ideal time varies based on the specific tree species. Generally, late winter or early spring is recommended for most trees. But, reach out to our experienced team for specific advice.

How often should I have my trees serviced?

Factors like tree age, species, location, and health determine servicing frequency. However, an annual checkup is a good starting point. KJM Landscapes professionals assess each tree and provide personalized recommendations for optimal growth and safety.

How long does it take to remove a tree?

As with anything, the time it takes to remove a tree can really vary on several things like the tree’s size, location, and potential hazards. Our team assesses each situation and provides a detailed timeline during the initial consultation process.

What areas do you service?

We are located in the West Chester, PA area and serve the surrounding areas including:

  • Downingtown, PA
  • Marcus Hook
  • Newtown Square
  • West Chester Pike
  • Glen Mills
  • Chester Springs
  • Exton
  • Chadds Ford
  • Unionville
  • Coatesville
  • And more!

    Give us a call to confirm your property is in our service area.

Are your team members insured and certified?

Our professionals at KJM Landscapes are fully insured and dedicated to meeting industry standards. You can rest assured that we are protected and insured for all of our services.

How do you ensure the safety of my property during tree services?

At KJM Landscapes, we prioritize safety above all else. Our team of experts takes every precautionary measure, carefully plans each step, and utilizes the appropriate equipment and techniques to minimize any potential damage to your property.

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“We are beyond thrilled with the absolutely breathtaking stone walk paths KJM designed and installed around our home and property. When it comes to landscape and hardscape, Karl and his team are truly artists. Every aspect of their work is detailed and special attention is given to the overall aesthetic and natural surround. When your home calls for quality, professional landscaping, call KJM.”

– M. Dunlap