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Architectural Restoration

In addition to our landscape design, building, and maintenance services, KJM Landscapes is proud to offer architectural restoration services for southeastern Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvanian stone structures of houses and barns are deeply embedded in the history and appeal of the region. Starting with the early German and English settlers of the 18th and 19th centuries, stone homes have been a staple, architectural, legacy, in Chester, Montgomery, Lancaster, and Berks Counties.

KJM Landscapes has a desire to continue that legacy by offering, complete stone restoration services from replacing damaged and weathered mortar joints, acid washing stone to reveal the natural stone beauty, waiting beneath hundreds of years of weather, pollution, and debris.  

This greater Philadelphia area’s history is rich, let us preserve it together.

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Landscape Masonry Installation

As time continues, we as humans become nostalgic for simpler times compared to our present world. Though we have a rich stone home history, historical sites are rare and not accessible to everyone.

KJM Landscapes also offers everyone the ability to have what feels like a small piece of history in their own landscape. Whether we are designing and constructing “new” barn ruins, patios or natural stone walls, KJM can provide an authentic, colonial feel in the modern world. Think of it as paying homage to the founding of this great nation and the homes our founders resided in, so long ago.